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Can non-default port be used for modbus communication in slave mode of EGX150?

LINK150 can be configured in 2 modes: master and slave mode. When the master mode is set, the device can be configured to use a port other than 502 to transact Modbus TCP packets (for example, port 5346). The customer is wondering can they use a non-default TCP port for transacting Modbus TCP packets if LINK150 is in slave mode?

LINK150, EGX150

The customer has set a non-default TCP port for Modbus TCP communication (while the device is in slave mode) and Wireshark capture reveals that the device continues to use TCP port 502 for Modbus TCP packet transactions instead of the non-default port.

In slave mode, LINK150 acts as a proxy for other Modbus master software. As of the release of firmware version 5.0.27, in slave mode, the device is hardcoded to use TCP port 502 only. Therefore, though nothing prevents the user to configure a non-default TCP port for Modbus communication, the device will not use that non-default TCP port while in slave mode.

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