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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

#LifeIsOn: Homes lit by life

Home is a place where adventures are born daily, where dreams learn to spread their wings and take flight. Home is a feeling of warmth and security. It is a place where magical moments transform into extraordinary memories at the flick of a switch.

Home is where even time knows when to stand still

Home is a place of pure bliss. Surrounded by the warmth of loved ones, it is where your nearest and dearest people and objects come together in a harmony of perfection. And the newest member to join this small but beloved club are the irresistibly beautiful Unica Pure switches.

Home is a place where dreams become memories

Home is where ambitions big and small learn to take shape. From walking, to running and then finally taking flight, it remembers and preserves all your milestones and memories. And with AvatarOn switches, you have a beautiful new way to frame them all.
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Home is where new joy is found in old relationships

Home is where the colours of life come bursting forth. From mischievous grandparents to the innocence of children, it is where you see old and new joys come together. And joining in the celebration of colour are the Clipsal X switches from Schneider Electric.
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Listens to you, wherever you are.

Finally a Smart Home Solution that delivers the one thing you expect from it. Peace of mind. It is the platform that ties it all in, together. It integrates all your devices and appliances and lets you control them with your phone or voice from wherever you are. Talk about hassle-free.
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Decorate your homes with help from the experts.

Every home tells a story curated by its occupants. You select every furnishing and home decor piece with a lot of thought to craft that perfect look for your home. Now you can do the same with your switches, and our trained professionals will do the complete end-to-end installation process. We don't believe in any loose ends when it comes to the perfect home.
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Devices that protect your family, just like you do

Safety devices that are the epitome of reliable security

Switches designed to fit into all your worlds

Switches with so many possibilities, there's one for everyone

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