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Standalone Residential Lighting Control


  • Features

    NEO-X Switches and Dimmers are two wire design which enables direct replacement of standard mechanical electrical switches without additional cabling or rewriting. A built in RF receiver enables direct remote control to switches with scene or individual circuit control feature. Equipped with wireless C-Bus engine and operated with 1-way control topologies, NEO-X switches are compliant with incandescent, fluorescent lighting, energy saving lamp.

    Neo x switches styles and features contemporary and sleek design. In addition, the units features blue LED backlight with easy- to-push buttons for on/off switching. The switches use British Standard electrical wall boxes making them simple to retrofit and install to complement any interior design.

    E3852D2L1EA-GB 1 GANG Dimmer  500VA, Grey
    E3854D1L2EA-GB 2 GANG Dimmer  2 x250VA,Grey
    E3851WTXBA-GB 1 Gang Free Locate Sw. Grey
    E3854WTXBA-GB 4 Gang Free Locate Sw.,Grey
    3855TXBA-GB Remote
    E3851R8F1EA-GB 1 Gang Relay Sw.,Grey
    E3852R4F2EA-GB 2 Gang Relay Sw.,Grey
    E3852D2L1EA-WE 1 GANG Dimmer  500VA, White
    E3854D1L2EA-WE 2 GANG Dimmer  2 x250VA,White
    E3851WTXBA-WE 1 Gang Free Locate Sw.White
    E3854WTXBA-WE 4 Gang Free Locate Sw. White
    E3851R8F1EA-WE 1 Gang Relay Sw.White
    E3852R4F2EA-WE 2 Gang Relay Sw.White



    •  Sleek and contemporary design.
    •  2- wire true retrofit design enables direct replacement.
    •  Fully compatible with British Standard wall boxes, no special mounting accessories required.
    •  Light touch buttons equipped with LED backlight,allow users to locate the switch in a dark environment.
    •  Tactlie switch.
    •  Built in RF receiver enables remote switching and dimming of light switches.
    •  Distributed intelligent configuration eliminates the requirement for central controllers, users are able to control lighting circuits on/off and lighting intensity locally as well as by remote control unit.


    Schneider Electric provides suitable solution for every individual situation whether it is for

    •   a classic flat/Apt.
    •   a retrofit solution for flat/apt.
    •   New homes in the planning stage.


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