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Demand Controller for efficient demand management

Part of PowerLogic

Powerful! Compact! feature-packed! flexible!

EM72xx schneider.label Demand Controller for efficient demand management
  • Features

    PowerLogicTM EM72xx Series
    Smart Demand Controller
    Powerful! Compact! feature-packed! flexible!

    EM72xx series of Multi Function meters are very sophisticated, state-of-the-art instruments with multi function capabilities.

    • Versatile and fully user programmable
    • 1-Phase, 2-Phase, Delta, Open Delta & Star wiring configuration
    • For installation on HT or LT lines with any PT or CT


    • Voltage: Line to Line & Average, Line to Neutral & Average, Neutral to Earth,
    • Current: Phase Wise & Average, Neutral Current,
    • Phase Angles of Vr, Vy, Vb, Ir, Iy, Ib
    • All Power Parameters Phase wise and Total (kVA, kW, kVAR, PF)
    • All Energy Parameters (kVAh, kWh, kVARh, Avg PF, Avg V, Amp Hours, Avg Hz). Also, Run Hrs, and No. of power Interruptions,
    • Frequency of supply
    • Demand (kVA, kW, kVAR, Amps) -  Present Demand, Max Demand, Day, Date and Time at which Max Demand occurred with 4 hi’s and 4 lo’s

    Unique Features

    •  High accuracy over a wide dynamic operating range
    • Available in Accuracy Class 1.0 and 0.5
    • Utility meter cross check
    • Two sets of Integrator registers, one for current and other one for last cleared values. The latter facilitates cross check of electricity bills with data recorded for the corresponding billing period, comparison between previous month and current month, etc.
    • Measures Total Harmonic Distortion & Individual Harmonic up to the order of 15th for both current and voltage, per phase – a useful aid to check the power quality.
    • Two Digital Inputs for status monitoring
    • Whetting voltage with nominal range of 22 to 26V with allowable load of 8mA
    • Import / Export option enables monitoring of bi-directional power flow – useful when in-house generation is run in parallel with the Grid.
    • User programmable security codes ensure total security of operations.
    • RS 485 Serial Port with galvanically isolated output for data transfer to a remote location.
    • Optional – TOU for time enabled tariff users and Auto Resetting of Energy Parameters


    • Minimum disruption in production- It not only reduces frequency of load shedding but also the amount of load to be shed
    • Improved load factor- the ratio of average kVA to kVA MD
    • Reduced Energy losses
    • No Maximum Demand Penalty

                      - Prevents crossing over of set level of maximum demand at any point
                      -  Its ‘Unique Predective Technique’ provides advance warning on likely cross over of maximum demand level
                      -  Sliding Window Technique to automatically synchronize with the EB meter.

    • Increase Production and Revenue
    • Penalty savings lead to quick payback
    • Condition/ Event/ Status monitoring
    • Energy accounting & balancing
    • EB meter cross check
    • Electrical network healthiness



    Cost management

    • Energy Accounting & Balancing
    • EB meter cross check
    • Process management
    • Demand control & management
    • TOU/ TOD for 6 seasons & 8 slots, with day cross over function

    Network management

    • Power quality
    • Communication
    • Digital Inputs, e.g., Breaker status monitoring


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