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Multi 9 Type 1 fixed surge protector devices

End of commercialisation

Type 1 high capacity surge arrester

  • Features

    • Rated discharge current Imax:50kA, 35kA
    • Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc:440V, 275 V
    • Voltage protection level Up:0,9kV - 1,5kV
    • Protection adapted to each earthing system:TT, TN-S,TN-C and IT
    • Coordination between PRF1 / D125 disconnector circuit breaker tested with 10/350 wave form
    • Built-in thermal disconnection of end of life
    • Cascading configuration with type 2 surge arresters for full protection
    • Choice between pre-assembled or single unit for assembly
    • Compliance with standards:IEC 61643-1 class 1 test, EN 61643-11 type 1


    The electrician friendly lightning protection

    . Continuity of supply reinforced by coordination with disconnection circuit breaker: Productivity
    . Life end safety: Peace of mind
    . In accordance with electrical contractors habits: Simplicity


    . Protection against direct lightning strokes of electrical installations in all industrial and tertiary buildings equipped with a lightning rod 


    • PRF1 Master: Surge arrester to associate with an external disconnector
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