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Remote Control Station

An industrial remote control switch allows you to control a device or machine without the need for cables. This grants extra freedom of movement without limiting yourself to the maximum length of a cable. Cable controls most commonly require more maintenance since these cables tend to wear out faster in industrial environments. These remote control switches also put control at your fingertips wherever you are and allow you to use a machine or device from any location. This helps save valuable time and allows you to do more in the same amount of time which goes on to increase efficiency. However, the most critical feature of these control systems is the safety offered to operators. Industrial environments can be extremely hostile and dangerous for workers and hence remote control grants them safety and protection from any unforeseen injuries. Schneider Electric India’s product range is designed keeping all these characteristics in mind in order to enhance your experience. By eliminating the need for wire and conduit, many of the associated difficulties are dealt with. Schneider Electric India’s line of dependable and durable wireless remote switching can help you in a diverse number of ways – 1) Simplicity - Remote control switch systems eliminate costly and labour intensive tasks of arranging and laying wire. 2) Savings - Wire and conduit are costly and high maintenance. Wear-and-tear, digging, rodent damage, etc., are typical problems that can damage the wiring. 3) Less Servicing Issues - Remote switch systems eliminate a majority of maintenance and servicing issues commonly involved in wired systems. 4) Extended Range - Unlike much of the required equipment on the market, Schneider Electric India’s wireless remote equipment has long-range communication capabilities which are aimed to take your operations to the next level. 5) Reliability - All elements in a project must link well with each other and have the utmost reliability. Our equipment is highly compatible with the eminent forms of equipment used in most industries and is unrivalled in reliability with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), various switches and relays, etc.

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