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The value of healthy buildings

To successfully achieve and maintain healthy buildings, facility managers and buildings owners must monitor the elements that impact occupant health, including air quality, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, volatile organic compounds, occupancy levels and other key metrics.   

Investing in healthy buildings can result in higher employee confidence and loyalty while reduced health insurance costs. Certifications including WELL, Fitwel and RESET offer opportunities to differentiate your buildings.


Fewer sick days per employee


Rental premium potential

Reducing infectious disease risks with smart technologies

The transmission of viruses is a concern for building owners, operators and occupants. Building management systems (BMS) and associated smart building technologies play a central role in identifying infectious disease threats, reducing risks of transmission and monitoring for policy compliance.

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How to ensure a safe and healthy return to work

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What are the benefits to a healthy building?

A healthy building attempts to make its occupants happier and more productive through ethical construction procedures. Some of the benefits of healthy buildings for their occupants are Reduced illness, higher productivity and a better mood. There are ai scrubbers and surface cleaners in healthy buildings that can help ward off disease-causing bacteria. These buildings maintain a pleasant temperature and a proper ventilation system for improved focus and productivity. Healthy buildings also have many green open spaces that can help uplift your mood.

How can you make a building healthier?

Making a building healthier is by installing proper ventilation systems and HVAC systems. Lighting is another component that may make a building healthy: the intensity and spectrum of light substantially influence people's well-being and performance. Bright light with a higher short-wavelength content (blue light) was shown to improve productivity, cognitive function, and mood and minimize drowsiness and weariness during the work or school day.

What are the key elements of a healthy building?

Some of the key elements that make a healthy building are:


Fresh air must be brought into the structure, and pollutants must be diffused, both those created by the occupants, such as CO2, and those produced as by-products of human activities.

Air quality

Good air quality is an important determinant of healthy buildings. Buildings with poor indoor air quality can lead to many health complications for their residents.

Moisture content

Due to leaking pipes and poor drainage systems, the excess moisture content in buildings can lead to mould. Asthma, allergic reactions and airway infections are the most common health problems linked to mould.