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What are the components of a home automation system?

Discover Wiser: Smart Home Automation System

With Wiser, you can convert your home into a Smart Home, which makes every switch and appliance in your home a connected device. Control them through an app on your phone or by voice! With no rewiring or wall damage, Wiser can convert your home into a Smart Home in less than 4 hours.

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For the longest time, it was just a dream to switch on the lights by just clapping, but now it has become a reality, with the help of smart home products. IoT here helps all the devices by making them stay connected to each other. IoT with the help of the internet connects the devices within the home and transform it into a Wiser home.


We always faced the problem of Wi-Fi dead zones in our home; this made me a bit sceptical about the effectiveness of Wiser's wireless home automation system. But I must say, they have done a superb job with the installation. The quality is superior, and I have never faced any connectivity concerns. On top of that, the level of convenience that their home automation system brings to the table is unmatched. It has made a huge difference in my life.

- Consumer
Mr. & Mrs. Verma, Pune
We underwent a large reconstruction project in our house. Wiser's home automation team took the time to listen to our needs and came up with a solution that pleased both my spouse and me. They completely rewired the house to accommodate the contemporary home automation technology and equipment. The result is excellent and an easy-to-operate smart home. I recommend everyone to get their hands on the Wiser home automation solution.

- Consumer
Mr. and Mrs. Arora, Delhi
Since Wiser's wireless home automation is so easy to install, people are more than willing to leap to home automation. They are not worried about the expensive installation and renovation that comes with other home automation systems in the market. Customers never come back with any complaints or faults with Wiser's home automation system, their products are top-notch, and we are more than happy with our association with them.

- Retailer
Vidhitsu Concepts, Faridabad
The 4-hour installation time promised by Wiser is accurate. I didn't believe it was possible as any home automation installation includes a variety of technical processes. I used to always run into troubleshooting issues with other brands during installation; however, things are different with Wiser. The installation took me about 4 hours, and there were no problems during the procedure. Furthermore, their first-class equipment quality helped me remain confident regarding my safety.

- Electrician
J P Yadav, Delhi

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