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Livia Antibacterial Switches

Do you realize how often you touch switches every day? Your favorite and most reliable Livia switches are now available with an added layer of protection. Livia Antibacterial switches use silver-ion technology that will help keep switches and cover plates germ-free.    

By using Livia Switches, Switch on protection, switch off germs. 

Livia switches are now antibacterial

Beauty meets safety with the Antibacterial Livia range of switches. Schneider Electric uses silver-ion technology solution that works together with your regular cleaning practices to help keep switches and cover plates germ-free. In a world where clean surfaces are proving to be essentials and lifesavers, a self disinfecting switch surface will ensure peace of mind.

Upgrade your existing switches with Livia Antibacterial Switches today

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Advanced Features:
  • Germ Free Environment with 99.9% reduction in bacteria *
  • Anti-Bacterial technology with micro silver ions.
  • Self-disinfecting switch surface.
  • Tested and validated as per global safety standards.
*Tested as per International standard in the third-party lab

With style that accentuates your choice

LIVIA combines gorgeous looks with outstanding functionality. Also available in two colors white and grey. These sleek yet curved switches guarantee to be the perfect addition to any household or workspace.

Features that create a lasting impression

  • Aesthetics: Sleek wall hugging switch with a classic finish on soft white high gloss polycarbonate. Its thin wall hug along with free-flowing surface design makes it dust free and easy to clean.
  • The 2.7mm thickness of the plates on all four sides lures your wall with LIVIA’s close hug. The sleek yet curved body thus guarantees to be the perfect addition to any household or workspace.
  • Performance: Switches with optimally designed copper bridge and silver inlay contacts add durability and arc shield provides added safety.
  • Ease of installation: Front loading modules, IP 20 protected switch terminals, laser marked wiring diagram, bigger terminal holes for ease of installation and to save labor.
  • Fan controllers with 360-degree rotary knob for ease of speed regulation, hum free operation and uniform speed variation. They are available in one module and two modules sizes.

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