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    Microgrids for large sites

    Secure your site’s access to reliable energy and support the smart grid, all the while decreasing your energy bill.

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    NEW EaaS leader

    New Navigant Research Leaderboard report scrutinizes the strategy and execution of 10 Commercial and Industrial Energy as a Service (EaaS) providers placing Schneider Electric in the leading position.

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    Intelligent microgrid

    Get EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor to manage and optimize your microgrid.

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    Microgrid in a large-site context

    For large sites, like an industrial facility or a large hospital, a power outage can be very costly. Stopping a process may have critical consequences for production losses, but also for the process restart. That’s why installing a microgrid, which supplies critical loads even during a blackout, is essential.

    Some industrial sites, like mines or drilling rigs, can be situated in remote areas with no access to the main grid. These sites need to set up their own local energy production system - an islanded microgrid generating energy locally. Such microgrid system needs to be constantly balanced in real time with the help of local control, however as soon as the grid infrastructure has been sufficiently developed, it should get connected to the main grid.
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    Address your challenge

    • Gain resilience

      Set up resilient power systems for emergency situations for your site. Microgrids combine various energy systems and control technologies to disconnect critical buildings from the main grid and provide secure power in the event of a major system outage.

    • Reduce risks

      Reinforce your electrical network and mitigate the risk of fluctuating energy prices in long-term perspective.

    • Increase sustainability

      Energy produced locally can be much greener than power coming from the grid (depending on geography). To promote sustainability, also in front of their customers, large site owners increase renewable energy presence in their mix.

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