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Technical Newsletter - August 2019


Release of Ecostruxure Machine Expert - Basic v1.0 SP1
Release of M340 BMXP3420302 Firmware v3.10.
Release of M340 BMXP342020 SV3.10

Product Update on product info Canalis KS- Old elbows: end of commercialisation"
Product Update Power Products LoB - FFTK : Full Function Test Kit "

Technical Newsletter - July 2019


Release of Altivar process ATV6xx DTM library version v2.5.1
Release of UnityPro_V130_HF0516225R
Release of BMENOC0311 Firmware V2.16
Release of BMENOC0321 Firmware V1.04
Release of EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert V8.1 SP4

Product Update on “product info : Okken product info Integration of new Contractors LC1 D40A/50A/65A"
Product Update on “product info: Product info TeSys D,K,GV.. Communication Means"
Product Update on “product info Tesys D - QR Code Imple-mentation - Time schedule overview"

Technical Newsletter - June 2019


Release of Quantum 140CPU67160 Operating System v3.53
Release of Quantum 140CPU65860 Operating System v3.53
Release of firmware BMXERT1604T SV 1.30
Release of SoMove V2.7.5 (FDT Standalone)

Product Update on “product info product info TeSys GV3ME80 substitution"
Product Update on “product info TeSys LT47 CCC suspended until July 2019"

Technical Newsletter - May 2019


Release of ControlExpert_V140_HF1
Release of Unity Loader V14.01
Release of firmware version v2.4IE26 for Altivar process ATV600 drives
Release of Machine_SCADA_Expert_v8.1_SP3

Product Update on “Power Product/ EasyPact TVS 120-630A color change - Wave 2"
Product Update on “product info TeSys range: color change for TeSys GV and TeSys U range"

Technical Newsletter - April 2019

Release of ATV6XX DTM Library V2.4.3
Release of Altivar Machine ATV340 DTM library v1.6.3
Release of ControlExpert V140 HF0507345R ATV 6x and 9x
Release of BMENOC0301 Firmware v2.15 IR10
Release of Unity Pro V130 HF0517185R wrong IO data hot fix
Product Update on “Power Products / 2-WIRE RS-485 INSULATED REPEATER TRV00211 FOR TRV00210"
Product Update on “Power Products / Ener-linX– Breaker ULP cord 5m"

Technical Newsletter - March 2019

Release of UnityPro_V131_HF0508385R
Release of M340 BMXP342020 Operating System Firmware v3.01
Release of M580 BMEH582040 Operating System Firmware v2.80
Release of X80 BMXCRA31200 Firmware SV2.40.
Product Update on “Power Products : Vario door mounting switch"
Product Update on “TeSys_GBT_new_CCC_ Certification"

Technical Newsletter - Febuary 2019

Release of BMENOP0300 Exec V2.0
Release of Altivar Process ATV6xx DTM Library V2.4.2 for Unity Pro.
Release of Altivar Process ATV6xx DTM Library V2.4.2
Release of ATV9XX drives Firmware version V2.1IE17
Advance information on GV7 obsolescence and substitution
Power Products : FFTK : Full Function Test Kit / information regarding obsolescence

Technical Newsletter - January 2019

Release of EcoStruxure Machine Expert HVAC_1.0.0
Release of new version of ZelioSoft2 V5.2: programming software
Release of PMESWT0100-FW_Upgrade_v1_15
Release of Unity Pro_V120_HF0437627Rb
Power Breakers : RJ45 to open Connector Modbus adapter for IFM
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 Cumulative Update 1

Technical Newsletter - Dec 2018

Release of PacDriveMFirmwareV00.24.27
Release of AltivarProcess ATV9xx DTM Library v1.9.1
Release of 140CPU65260 Copro FW V6.0
Release of UnityPro_V131_HF0486263R
Release of BMENOC0311 Exec V2.15
Product Update on “TESYS D DC 40 65A EOL"
Product Update on “Power Breakers : EasyPact MVS ACB Name plate color change"

Technical Newsletter - Nov 2018

Release of new firmware version v4.0.6.39 for M241-M251 controller
Release of Unity Pro_V131_HF0450243R_DEP_deactivation
Release of UnityPro_V120_HF0437627Rb
Release of M580 BMEH586040 SV2.70
Product Update on “Power Breakers / “AD Module” 54444"
Product Update on “TESYS D S3 NEW OFFER S207"

Technical Newsletter - Oct 2018

Release of BACnet Addons Lib 2.0 for SoMachine HVAC
Release of Vijeo Citect 2015 Service Pack 1 - Patch 33
Release of UnityPro_V131_HF0470178R
Release of M580 BMEP586040 SV2.70
Release of Lexium32DTMLibrary_V1.18.00.07
"Product Update on “EasyPact TVS - LC1E40-95 control circuit connection change"
Product Update on “Okken : Busbar Plating Standardization"
Product Update on “Blokset : Blokset n°57 - Mw2 VBB update"

Technical Newsletter - Sep 2018

Release of Vijeo Citect 2015 Service Pack 1 - Patch 32
Citect SCADA 2016 Update – August, 2018.
Release of UnityPro_V120_HF0459646R
Release of Vijeo Designer V6.2 SP7
Product Update on “Canalis KBL references withdrawal"
Product Update on “Product information Blokset n°54 690V NSX Adaptation"

Technical Newsletter - Aug 2018

Release of BMENOC0311 Firmware V2.14
Release of M580 BMEP584040S SV2.60
Release of SoMachine Basic V1.6 SP2
Release of SoMachine HVAC v2.4.1
Product Update on " Power Breakers / MCCB NS80-H MA and Acc.Shortage "
Product Update on “Canalis KS New Missing links offer v2"

Technical Newsletter - July 2018

Release of UnityPro_V130_HF0449113R
Release of 140CPU65150 Copro Exec v5.9
Release of ATV9xx_DTM_Library v1.7.1
Release of firmware version v1.7IE12 for ATV9x0 floor standing products & Drive systems
Release of BMENOC0301 Exec V2.14
Product Update on “Canalis KTA5000 and KTC6300 V1”
Product Update on “Power Breakers : Compact NSX: MN/MX Coils”

Technical Newsletter - JUNE 2018

Release of UnityPro_V120_HF0452922R
Release of ATV6xx DTM Library V2.1.0
Release of SoMove v2.6.5 (FDT standalone)
Release of M580 BMEH582040 SV2.50
Product Update on “Ecodial Advance Calculation 4.8.6
Product Update on “Power Breakers / M6C Programmable contacts

Technical Newsletter - MAY 2018

Release of SoMove V2.6.4 (FDT Standalone)
Release of ATV320 firmware version v2.9IE34
Release of Vijeo Designer V6.2SP6.1 addon for SoMachine V4.3
Release of BMEP584040 SV2.50
Product Update on “Power Breakers / FDM121 new product release (TRV00121)
Product Update on “ComX210-PROD-4.0.10_FW

Technical Newsletter - April 2018

Release of Vijeo Citect 2015 SP 1 Patch 26
Release of SoMachine v4.3 Add-on for TM3TI4D module
Release of BMENOC0311 Exec V2.12
Release of BMENOC0301 Exec V2.12
Release of UnityPro_V130_HF_DRA0815
Product Update on “Info about TeSysDTM LibraryV2.10.0"
Product Update on “PM8000 (v 1.4.3) Firmware"
Product Update on “TeSys T Firmware 2.8 for LTMR Ethernet"

Technical Newsletter - March 2018

Release of Altivar Process ATV9x0 firmware version1.4IE11
Release of UnityPro_V130_HF1
Release of BMENOP0300 Firmware v 2.0
Release of UnityPro_V130_HF0435420R
Product Update on “EasyPact CVS MCCB c/w ETS 2.3 electronic trip unit"
Product Update on “New lock Volkswagen for Spacial S3D"

Technical Newsletter - Feburary 2018

Release of UnityPro_V130_HF0435420R
Release of UnityPro_V120_HF0435420R
Release of unity pro Hotfix "UnityPro_V120_HF0437627R".
Release of Momentum Firmware Update SV2.0
Product Update on “EN F Contactors_F115-F225-LX9 coils with 1NO Aux contact"
Product Update on “EN Supply of TeSys F 400A & 500A contactors with old fixation profile"

Technical Newsletter - January 2018

Release of Firmware BMENOC03x1 Exec V2.11
Release of Vijeo Citect 2015 Service Pack 1 Patch 23
Release of BMXNOE0100 Exec V3.2
Release of SoMachine Basic V1.6 Build 61653
Altivar Process ATV6x0 DTM library version v1.8
Product Update on “Power Breakers : Compact NSX 400-630: Short Terminal Shields for R/HB1/HB2 performances"
Product Update on “F contactors : Modification of Power terminal protection shrouds LA9F703"

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