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What can cause the ATV61/71 drive not to start and run when LI1 is enabled?

Published date: 12 August 2020

ATV61 drive is not starting and running when LI1 when it is enable.

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71

All models and serial numbers

The motor does not run when LI1 is enabled.

Check that the drive state is RDY   TERM    REM [top line of display]. 
Check the following parameters.
1.  Menu 1.5 drive is in 2 wire type. [1.5 INPUTS/OUTPUTS CFG], [2/3 wire control] 
2.  Menu 1.5 drive is in LEL 2 wire control mode.  [1.5 INPUTS/OUTPUTS CFG], [2 wire type : Level]
3.  Menu 1.6 FR1 is assigned to the correct speed reference [1.6 COMMAND], [Ref. 1 channel : AI1, or AI2, or HMI] 
4.  Menu 1.6 Profile is SEP and CMD switching is channel 1 active,  [1.6 COMMAND], [Profile : separate] [Cmd channel 1 : Terminal mode]
4.  Menu 1.2 status IO menu and Logic inputs LI1 is going high when they turn on the logic inputs.  [MONITORING], [I/O MAP], [LOGIC INPUT MAP]
5.  Check Menu 1.2 verify the drive has a speed reference and that it is not 0. [1.2 MONITORING], [I/O MAP], [ANALOG INPUTS IMAGE]  
Check Hardware
1.  Reset the logic input terminal on the control terminal board
2.  Check Sink/Source switch (SW1) located on the control terminal board
3.  Cycle the switch
4.  Reset the terminal control board

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