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What is the replacement for the Magelis XBTGT1100 and XBTGT1130 HMIs?

Replacement for the Magelis XBTGT1100 and XBTGT1130 HMI

Product Line:

XBTGT1100 is replaced by HMIGTO1300.
XBTGT1130 is replaced by HMIGTO1310.

Compatibility between the XBTGT1100/XBTGT1130 and the new HMIGTO1300/1310
-----The applications of XBTGT1100/1130 are 100% compatible on HMIGTO1300/1310 with last version of Vijeo-Designer.
-----The cut-out of HMIGTO1300/1310 and XBTGT1100/1130 is identical.
-----The network ports are identical and you can re-use the same cables. Except for the download cable which uses the USB port of HMIGTO1300/1310.
-----HMIGTO1300/1310 have the function keys.
-----HMIGTO1300/1310 have a same certifications including marine.

Schneider Electric Malaysia

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