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STBNIP2212 Component Issue


The purpose of this resolution is to inform Advantys STBNIP2212 users of a vendor component issue associated with this Network Interface Module. Symptoms of the issue typically appear within 24 hours of operation and are accelerated by higher than normal room temperatures.
Symptoms caused by the problem component when the NIM is used in an island are:

1. Island may fail to autoconfigure at power up.
2. During operation one or more island I/O modules may lose RDY and flash the ERR LED.

Product Line
Advantys, STB


Users should be aware that a limited number of STBNIP2212 NIMs marked DOM:04-2006 through DOM:102006 may be affected.

NIMs within that date code range which were affected and have been reworked to remove the problem component have the following markings:


STBNIP2212 NIMs manufactured within the specified date codes which have PV/SV/RL markings lower than those listed and exhibit the described symptoms may be exchanged through the normal warranty exchange process. The problem component can not be replaced in the field to address this problem.

Schneider Electric Malaysia

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