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NOE311 does not work with the 'MBP_MSTR'

Published date: 06 October 2020

'140NOE311' module does not work with the 'MBP_MSTR' function block

Product Line

Windows 10, Unity

If you try to use the 'Read CTE' option for the 'MBP_MSTR' block to read the information from a 'Symax' drop using an
'140NOE31100', the error 7001Hex will get returned.

The reason that the error gets returned is because the '140NOE31100' is not supported on the MBP_MSTR block for

The '140NOE31100' will only work with the MSTR function block for the 984 ladder logic in either Modsoft, Concept,
'ProWORX Nxt' or 'ProWORX 32'. It will not work in Unity.

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