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How do I convert an ASCII string of positive integers to a single register value in Concept IEC?


The purpose of this resolution is to provide users with an example of converting an ASCII string of positive integers to a single register value in Concept IEC.


Below is an example of converting a string of ASCII digits to a single register value.

When a string of ASCII digits is read from a device like a bar code reader the digits are often in ASCII format. The logic below will convert the ASCII string 1234 to the decimal equivalent 1234.

The ASCII string is located in registers 400001 - 400002; two ASCII characters in each register.

The desired end result would is to have this ASCII string converted to a single decimal value located in one 4X register.

Below is the conversion chart for ASCII , Hexadecimal , Decimal illustrating the need for this conversion. If the register 400001 containing 12 ASCII was looked at in Hex format it would display 3132, if looked at in Decimal it would display 12594.
Generally this type of application only focuses on ASCII digits to decimal conversion. Other characters can be converted in the following manner. A complete conversion chart of ASCII, Hex, Decimal characters can be found on the web with the help of any search engine.

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