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Compatibility between SFT2841 (V8.0 to V10.1) software and Schneider Modbus Serial Driver

Published date: 16 December 2020

Communication failure between your SFT2841 software and front face connection with Sepam series 20, 40 & 80

Product Line
SEPAM Series 20, 40 & 80

SFT2841 Configuration Software Environment

Modbus Driver V1.6 and V1.7 versions are not compatible with certain SFT2841 versions.
From SFT2841 V8.0 until SFT2841 V10.1, SFT2841 software can only run with ModbusDriver V1.5

Different version of Modbus Driver can't coexist on your laptop, so if an earlier version of ModbusDriver is already existing on your laptop (or has been installed by an other Schneider Electric software), the most recent will be used by default by SFT2841 software and front face connection to Sepam will not be possible.

The operating mode to fix this issue is described as follow :

  • 1. Stop ModbusDriver :
    in Windows Task Bar, right click on ModbusDriver icon, then click on Exit

    2. In C:\WINDOWS\system32 (or equivalent) directory, make a backup of existing file ModbusDrv.exe, by renaming it in ModbusDrv_X.Y.exe (with _X.Y = _1.6 or _1.7)

    3. Detach the ModbusDrv_1.5.exe file in attachment and copy it in C:\WINDOWS\system32 (or equivalent) directory ; then rename it ModbusDrv.exe

    4. Then at further laptop restarts or each time you will run SFT2841, this ModbusDriver 1.5 version will be used making connection possible to front page of Sepam 20, 40 & 80 relays.

    Note : don't forget to reinstall newest version of ModbusDriver when required for further use of other Schneider Electric softwares (using either 1.6 or 1.7 versions of this ModbusDriver)


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