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What is a part number 9421LZL250H43?

Published date: 10 August 2020

9421 type LZ operating mechanism

Product Line:
Operating Mechanisms and Disconnect Switches

9421 Type LZ Operating Mechanisms for Circuit Breakers

The Class 9421 Type LZ door mounted operating mechanism kits were originally developed for a specific OEM (Toshiba).  Since the Toshiba part numbers did not fit our typing systems for Class 9421 operating mechanisms, more conventional Type LJ kit numbers were created.

Although the Class 9421 Type LZ kits are still available to the general public, it is strongly recommended the Class 9421 Type LJ be purchased.  Availability of the newer Type LJ kits will continue to be better than ordering the Type LZ kits.  Only the Class 9421 Type LZ250H46 is stocked at this time.

Keep in mind that the component kits which make up the Class 9421 Type LZ kits are not available as a complete Class 9421 Type LJ kit.  This means the customer will have to purchase the three individual component kits which made up the Class 9421 Type LZ kit he is trying to cross.

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