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What is the DIO consumption of PMEGPS0100 module DTM under M580 CPU and is it possible to add PMEGPS0100 under M580 CPU.

Issue: Customer used PMEGPS0100 DTM under the M580 CPU. The modules consumes CPU DIO Inputs and Outputs bytes. Customer wants to know if he can add PMEGPS0100 under BMENOC0301 or BMENOC0311 module.

Product​​​​​​​ Line: PMEGPS0100

Environment: Control Expert V14 and Windows 10 Professional Build 10.1703.1

Resolution:  The PME GPS 0100 module's DTM configures 128 bytes of PLC input data and 28 bytes of PLC output data per card. In General BMENOC0301 or BMENOC311 has also the capability to add DIO's under them. However in this case, the PMEGPS0100 module is not supported as DIO in the BME NOC. PMEGPS0100 modules must be installed as M580 CPU DIO
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