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What is the part number of the replacement connector kit for ATV340 drive?

Published date: 29 July 2020

Issue : 
Replacement connectors for ATV340 drive.

Product Line :
Altivar Drive

Environment :
ATV340, Altivar Machine, Altivar 340

Cause :
Lost connector kit

Resolution : 
There are three different part numbers for the kit, depending on the drive frame size.  A single connector piece is not available, order the complete kit only. 

Drive Frame Size 1
Part# VW3A34001 
ATV340U07N4 ATV340U15N4 ATV340U22N4 ATV340U30N4 ATV340U40N4

Drive Frame Size 2
Part# VW3A34002
ATV340U55N4 ATV340U75N4

Drive Frame Size 3
Part# VW3A34003
ATV340D11N4 ATV340D15N4 ATV340D18N4 ATV340D22N4


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