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Creating an IODDT variable for BMXNOE0100

IODDT variable creation

Product Line
M340 BMXNOE0100 BMXNOE0110

Unity Pro, Control Expert

1. After adding your BMXNOE0100 to the program, double click the IO Derived Variable in the Unity Project Browser.
2. Click into the Name Cell and enter the name for your IODDT variable. for example - NOE_Status
3. Next double Click the Type Column cell
4. Click the button wit the three dots
5. The Data Editor - Variable Type selection window opens
6. Select and expand the Catalog Folder. Then expand the M340 Folder.
7. Select the Communication Folder
8. Select the T_COM_ETH_BMX IODDT and Click OK to confirm selection
9. Click the Address Column cell
10. Enter the Topological Address of the NOE. For example, %CH0.2.0
a.1. The %CH stands for Channel
b. First zero is for Rack Number
c. The Two is for the Slot Number
d. The last zero is for the Channel number
11. The BMXNOE0100 IODDT is complete. Expand to see variable elements

Schneider Electric Malaysia

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