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Why Configuration Manager 2020 fails to read system?

When you run the Configuration Manager 2020 (CM Tool 2020) in a Power Monitoring Expert 2020 (PME2020) machine then it fails to read the system. No matter whether it is run as Administrator or not. It shows the below message.

When you check the CM Tool log file then it shows as below.

PME2020 and Configuration Manager 2020 with non-English OS language

This is detected to be present with the OS language set as Turkey. There is no such case reported with other languages. It is a Bug in the CM Tool 2020 and will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Set the format to English (US) as shown in the below screenshot. It is not mandatory to keep the Format setting to English all the time. Only when you are using CM Tool 2020 make this change and revert it back to original when you finish work with the CM Tool.

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