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ION8650 v4.40.1 firmware FAQ: Secure Password Storage

Published date: 14 January 2021

Questions regarding the new firmware v4.40.1 for the ION8650 meters

ION8650 meter with v4.40.1 firmware


Link to the what's New Document is here. This link includes firmware files (.upg), template files (.dcf) hash information (.txt) and What's new (.pdf)

Q: Where can I find the firmware files for upgrading my meter?
A: Please refer to .

Q: What is the hash information for?
A: Before applying a firmware upgrade file to a meter, verify that the file was downloaded/transferred correctly using hash information.

Q: How can I check the hash of my firmware file?
A: Please refer to FA414544.

Q: What version of ION Setup should I use to upgrade my meter to v4.40.1?
A: Recommend v3.2.30377.02 or later versions. See FA2128166 for links to the latest version.

Q: What is the minimum version of firmware I need to upgrade to v4.40.1?
A: There is no minimum firmware required.

Q: What happens if I use an old version of ION Setup to upgrade my meter?
A: ION Setup will not notify the user that the web server has been disabled.

Q: Can I downgrade my v4.40.1 ION8650 to a previous version of firmware?
A: Yes, meter can be downgraded, refer to Downgrades section of this article.

Q: Is there a new template with this firmware upgrade
A: Yes, there is a new template with this firmware. Template files should be included with Firmware files. Refer to

Q: What security options exist in the meters before v4.40.1 Firmware?
A: Standard (default): Front panel password with no user information required when writing to the meter. Anonymous access can read from the meter.
Advanced Security: Username and password required to read or write to the meter.
No security: No username or password required to read or write to the meter.

Q: What security options are available with meters running v4.40.1 Firmware?
A: Standard Security: Same as before.
     Advanced Security: Same as before.
    No Security: No longer available

Q: What is the default security setting from the factory on v4.40.1 meters
A: Standard Security with front panel password 0. SSH disabled and sftp enabled, webserver disabled.
Q: Can I access my meter's web pages?
A: Only if the web server is enabled on the meter. New meters and upgraded meters will have the web server disabled. 

Q: Do I need a password to access a meter's web pages
A: No password required.

Q: Can I make configuration changes to my meter using the web pages
A: No, meter web pages are read only.

Q: What happens to Security User Modules if the meter is upgraded while standard security is enabled?
A: The existing modules are maintained and the passwords hashed. Meter will stay in standard security.

Q: What user to login with when using SSH to access terminal?  
A: Standard security: 8650, Advanced security: UserXX where XX is the desired user

Q: Can a user change permissions of the account used to connect to the meter?
A: Yes, as long as user has permissions to edit user security settings.


Q: Is advanced security still enabled if I downgrade my meter from v4.40.1?
A: Meter will maintain the security from before the downgrade.

Q: What happens to saved passwords when meter is downgraded from v4.40.1?
A: All user passwords are set to 0.

Q: Can I still access the meter using SSH and sFTP after downgrading from v4.40.1?
A: No, these protocols are only available on firmware version v4.40.1 and later.

Q: Is Telnet or FTP enabled after downgrade from v4.40.1?
A: No, both Telnet and FTP are disabled after downgrade. Ports can be enabled later.

Q: Can I access the meter's web pages after downgrading from v4.40.1?
A: Yes, web Access Read is enabled, webserver config access is disabled. Will need to login. Settings can be changed later through ION Setup or PME Designer

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