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How do we display values in a Textbox or Rectangle in a WebVisualization in EcoStruxure Machine Expert?

In a WebVisualization interface, how do we configure a Texbox or Rectangle to display String or Numeric values?

Product Line
EcoStruxure Machine Expert
Modicon M241, M251, and M262 PLCs

PLC Logic Builder - WebVisualization in CoDeSys engine

In order to display Strings or Numeric values in either a Rectangle or Text box in the Visualization,
you need to enter a Placeholder Wildcard in the "Texts-> Text" field:
"%s" for Strings
"%d" for Numeric Values

Then in the "Text variables->Text variable" property, choose a Symbol from your PLC project to display in the object.
See this example of a Text field object element:

More information can be seen in the CoDeSys documentation page:
CoDeSys Visualization ( ->Reference, Programming -> Placeholders with Format Definition in the Output Text


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