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EcoStruxure™ Process Expert

The only DCS for hybrid industry users that can measurably pay for itself within 3 months of implementation

Part of EcoStruxure

EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to bring your plant into the future. It delivers everything you need to run a sustainable, productive and market-agile plant, from full process traceability to embedded energy management.

EcoStruxure™ Process Expert
  • Features

    EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS is the next generation process automation system for a digitized and energy-aware plant that meets the demands of modern day production. EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS is a single automation system to engineer, operate and maintain your entire plant. The system enables users to achieve operational profitability from design engineering through to plant operations.

    This single automation system combines the management of field buses, instrumentation, intelligent devices, control networks, controllers, operator stations, engineering stations, alarm management in a common and single database. EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS is an essential component of EcoStruxure for Industry, interconnecting and managing all the components of the automation architecture. EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS supports standard field buses, instrumentation and best-in-class, intelligent, connected devices and at the heart of the system is a scalable and powerful automation platform.

    EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS is based on open communication standards and system-wide Ethernet architecture, that interconnects the automation assets. It gives you access to all the data you need to optimize your business; in the form you need it. EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet of Things to bring your plant into the future. It delivers everything you need to run a sustainable, productive and market-agile plant, from full process traceability to embedded energy management.

    Engineers can develop and deploy configurations faster and more accurately; operators have the necessary data at their fingertips for better insight to optimize the process; maintenance teams are empowered with powerful native diagnostics to diagnose root cause of any issues and solve problems, thus reducing downtime. EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS helps you make the right decisions for your plant at the right time.

    Delivers tangible value to your bottom line:

    Reduce project execution time up by to 25%,  up to $2.4M in extra production at launch
    • Industrial production costs on average $20,000/ hr, so a 25% reduction in time to market on a 3-month project would be 3 weeks (ie, 3x40hrs) = $2.4M extra production 
    Improve profitable reliability - move towards 100% up-time, gain up to $2M in efficiency
    • Moving from reactive to prescriptive maintenance can reduce unplanned downtime to close to zero. Downtime costs the average plant 5% of production*, so let’s conservatively assume increased maintenance maturity can reduce this to 2%
      unplanned downtime. For a plant running 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year at a cost of $20,000/hr, this increases profit by $1.2M/ year. In addition, maintenance staff could waste less time performing needless maintenance tasks
      which could save the average plant up to $800K per year in maintenance costs**. 
    Improve operational profitability by up to 10%, revenues by 3% - gain up to $1.3M extra profit
    • Accessing data and turning it into actionable business intelligence delivers enhanced process visibility, which can result in 0.5 to 3% of revenue improvement a year, and 3 to 10% of potential margin impacts. This can result in over $1.3M of annual bottom-line impact**.

    Improve Energy Utilization – up to 30% reduction in process energy cost – save up to $1.8M/Yr.
    • For example, large water treatment plants or industrial facilities can use up to 1.2Million kWH of electricity per year***. At an energy cost of 5 cents per kWh, this is $6.02M/ Year. Improving process energy use can yield savings of up to 30%, which translates to $1.8M in annual cost savings.

    *Statements by ARC , **Data from Alinean , *** Water Research Foundation report 


    • Accelerate time-to-market with increased standardization that reduces engineering time by up to 30%
    • Automation objects hosted in the EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS Platform enable the re-use of proven, standard designs to reduce project execution time and design errors 
    • Features such as Runtime Navigation Services in EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS reduce system commissioning time and cost to help you get up and running faster for example by enabling you to quickly look at an asset and see what is wrong in a pictorial form
    • Dedicated segment libraries, Advanced Process Control and Energy Management are pre-tested and pre-validated to avoid integration risks associated with multivendor systems 
    • Sophisticated asset information can be programmed into each EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS asset. Together with its alarm management this enables your maintenance and operations teams to move away from reactive maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime. 
    • Equipment information allows you to select and deploy preventative, predictive and prescriptive maintenance as appropriate for each plant asset, resulting in unplanned downtime approaching zero. 
    • Leverage the asset monitoring capabilities which can be built in to automation objects to help improve the quality of production related decisions and get maximum operational profitability from your process
    • Understand and achieve the optimal flow and use of energy and raw materials, in order to maximize output and profitability 
    • Built in design and operational audit to help you manage your regulatory requirements. 


    What industries can benefit from the EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS platform?

    • Minerals, metals and mining 
    • Water and wastewater 
    • Food and beverage
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical and specialty chemical 
    • Power generation 

EcoStruxure™ for Your Business

EcoStruxure lets you thrive in today's digital world. Make better business decisions with scalable and converged IT/OT solutions.

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