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Modicon M262: Why the redirection feature of the WebVisu connection doesn't work as defined in the Post Configuration file =>Param[1107]?

From Machine Expert V2.0.3, there is a new parameter in the Post Configuration file (Machine.cfg) to choose the WebVisu Connection Type (encryption enforcing parameter).

This parameter is identified by .param[1107]. It can have the following values:
  • 0 = Only HTTP connections are supported
  • 1 = Only HTTPS connections are supported
  • 2 = HTTP and HTTPS connections are supported
  • 3 = HTTP connections are redirected to HTTPS
Default value:
.param[1107] = 3

NOTE: After applying the Post Configuration file (Machine.cfg), you have to restart your Internet Browser in order to get the expected behavior of the selected WebVisu connection type otherwise an unexpected redirection could be kept permanently in the cache of the Internet Browser.

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