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Can circuit breakers be reverse-fed or back-fed?

Ability of circuit breakers to be reverse fed

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Any circuit breaker that does NOT have Line and Load (or + and - on DC breakers) identifying markings may be reverse fed. See the compiled list below:

Breakers that can be back fed and exceptions (This is a work in process list, and does not include legacy breakers):
  • HOM (Excludes those with suffix GFI, EPD, AFI, CAFI and DF.)
  • QO and QOB (Excludes those with suffix GFI, EPD, EPE, AFI, CAFI and DF.)
  • QOU
  • Multi 9 products (Excludes the products rated 125VDC, and 250-500Vdc. Also excludes ID Residual current switches, GFP, DPN VIGI and Vigi modules.)
  • E frame for NF panel (Excludes those with suffix EPD.)
  • Powerpact H, J and L frame (Excludes those with T or R suffix, which are breakers with replaceable trip units. Also excludes those with Fxx suffix, which are "frame only" sold without terminations or trip unit.)
  • Powerpact Q frame and B frame
  • Powerpact M, P and R frame
  • Masterpact NT and NW (Excludes Masterpact DC rated breakers)
  • NOTE: Any Legacy or Powerpact breakers with GFM and ELM module attached cannot be reverse fed.

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