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What is the possible causes of InFb fault, with no brake resistor ?

InFb fault possible causes without a brake resistor.

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71, Altivar 61 Altivar 71


InFb fault - Internal th sensor
• The drive temperature sensor is not operating correctly
• The braking unit's temperature sensor is not operating correctly

For the InFb  [Internal- th. sensor] fault, check the Drive Thermal State under menu 1.2 Monitoring (Drv. thermal state, tHd)

• Inspect/repair the drive
• Remove and inspect the control board
• Replace the braking unit's temperature sensor
• Inspect/repair the braking unit
• The monitoring of this fault must be deactivated by the [Brake res. fault Mgt] (bUb) parameter,  if there is no braking unit connected to the drive

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