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Unity pro : How to find LL984 Libraries when they are missing?

There are 2 differents LL984 libraries:
  1. LL984 (with EFs named  LL_xxxx), this library was used before Unity Pro V5.1 and not delivered with Unity Pro. It was used only to convert Modsoft and ProWORX projects and Concept LL984 sections to Unity Pro.
  2. UnityLL984 (with EFs named L9E_xxxx), this library is used since Unity Pro V5.1 and « included » with Unity Pro package.
  1. LL984  library : when updating an Unity Pro application to V6.0 or former version, it is needed to use the last version of this LL984  library : V4.1.17, it is available from Schneider Electric Services only (Please contact your local Schneider Electric correspondent to receive a copy of this library). See attached read me, it can be needed to use DDT Adaptation tool delivered with this library for the update.
  2. UnityLL984 library : in Unity Pro V5.1, V6.0 and V6.1 this library was delivered with Unity Pro package but was optional, so it can be needed to install it on Unity Pro if the Standard library used for the application is V5.1, V6.0 and V6.1. These libraries can be found on the DVD (or ISO file) of Unity Pro.
    For Unity Pro V7.0 and former this library is included in the standard library so should not be missing.

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