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Can I get the Magelis HMI to communicate to the Unity Pro Simulator?

Can I get a Magelis or Harmony HMI to communicate to the Unity Pro or EcoStruxure Control Expert Simulator?

Product Line
Harmony / Magelis XBTGC/GH/GK/GT, HMIGTO/GTU/STO/STU, iPCs, Panel PC, Box PC, Unity Pro, EcoStruxure Control Expert

Physical HMI Communication with Simulated PLC

Yes, it is possible for the Harmony or Magelis HMI communicate to an EcoStruxure Control Expert or Unity Pro simulator.  Make sure in the Modbus/TCP driver in Vijeo Designer is used.  The IP address of the Equipment is the IP address of the PC that is running the EcoStruxure Control Expert or Unity Pro Simulator. The PC will need to open TCP Port 502.

If the Vijeo Designer Simulation is on the same PC as the PLC Simulation, the IP Address needed is (the local host).

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