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Can the NSX MCCBs be bottom feed?
This will be fine with TMD and Micrologic 2.2 trip units. The only time bottom feeding would be an issue is if they were using a Micrologic 5.2 which...
What is the part number for the Resene Smart touch controller?
The part number for the SmartTouch S1 Controller is RESTS1. This will come with one Smartlink connector which will link this device to the conductive...
What is the code for a 80A, 3 phase, 30mA, Type B RCCB?
The code is 16760. Note that is RCD protection only (no over current).
Is there a blank unlabeled version of the 687M3?
No. All the 3 and 4 position rotary switches available in the 600 series have engraving.
Will the 600 series rotary mechs fit in the PDL56MO500/1 and PDL56MO500/2?
The 600 series rotary mechs (687M3 etc) will be fine with a 56MO500/1 as the switch location is in the center. However we would not recommend this...
What are the dimensions and cut out for the DBF45?
The cut out required for the PDLDBF45 is as follows: W = 335mm H = 631mm D = 80mm
What are the dimensions for the LV429517?
Dimensions for the LV429517 suitable for NSX100...250 are as follows: H = 98mm W = 105mm D = 75mm  
What is the Cat6 unshuttered data mech in black suitable for Saturn Zen?
30RJ45SMA6C-BK is the 30 series mech in black. This is suitable with the Z403xVH data plates.
What size 56 Series enclosure fits a 56SW620/KG?
The 56SW620/KG will fit in a standard E1 enclosure.
What is the alternative for a LX1FG240?
LX1FG240 has been replaced by LX9FG240
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