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What colour caps come with the 9001KR1U?
Includes one of each of the following inserts: red, black, green, yellow, orange, blue and white.
Is the 32ELEDM-WE available in black?
No, but the knob can be purchased separately in black:  32EDIM-KB-A-BK is the code for the black knob kit.  
40amp, 30mA, 4 pole, RCCB for an EV charger ?
When selecting an RCCB for an EV charger you must use a Type B RCCB, The part number is 16752
Is there there a shaver socket in the Modena range ?
No, there is no shaver socket in the Modena range. We do have one in the PDL 600 range. The part number is PDL675.  
What are the codes for a 300x200x150 steel enclosure?
NSYS3X3215 is enclosure in 304L Stainless Steel. NSYS3X3215H is in 316L Stainless Steel. Both of these options come without mounting plates and will...
What is the best 600 series dimmer for LED dimming?
The dimmer best suited for LED dimming in the 600 series is the PDL624TM. This was enhanced for use with LEDs at the beginning of 2018.
What is the mech that comes in a standard Iconic plate?
The rocker switch mech that comes in complete grid + plates are the PDL381M20. These are rated 20A/16AX 250Vac.
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