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TeSys GV3

Thermal-magnetic and magnetic motor circuit-breakers up to 80 A and 45 kW

Part of TeSys

TeSys GV3 motor circuit breaker provides isolation, motor control and thermal overcurrent protection in 55 mm standard width unit.

TeSys GV3
  • Features

    TeSys GV3 motor circuit breaker can be easily integrated within multiple configurations, thanks to its 55 mm standard width and mounting on DIN rail. Conforms to IEC 60947-4-1, IEC/EN 60947-2 and UL 60947-4-1 (transition from UL 508) with complete busbar accessories for quick connection.  The new GV3P73 and GV3P80 are extending the range up to 80 A.


    • Magnetic circuit breaker
    • Covers 25 to 80 A
    • 11 to 45 kW motor with 50 to 100 kA / 400 V breaking capacity


    • 9 ratings in total
    • Thermal-Magnetic Breaker
    • Covers 9 to 65 A 5.5 to 45 kW motor with 50 to 100 kA / 400 V breaking capacity


    • Three-position (Start/Stop/Tripped) rotary handle, front face padlocking and other accessories
    • Three-phase, 690 V rated operational voltage (Ue) maximum
    • Operating temperature from -20° C to +60° C open operation
    • IP20 level for finger safe protection
    • Trip test button on front face
    • Common add-on contact and trip blocks and accessories with GV2
    • Patented EverLink creep-compensating technology provides many benefits:
      • Spring-based system ensures a long-lasting power connection
      • Reduce overheating leading to trip and also risk during short circuit
      • Ensure the correct torque tightening each time when you install the products


    GV3 motor circuit breaker with all its complete accessories can provide you safe and strong connection for your motor equipment. You can:

    • Ensure safety of personnel and motors
    • Maintain reliability of the connection
    • Reduce the time of maintenance
    • Gain the flexibility and cost efficiency
    • Ease cabling for manufacturing


    TeSys GV3 can be used for a range of applications across industry, infrastructure and buildings, including:

    • Motor control and protection, in accordance with standards IEC 947-2 and IEC 947-4-1

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