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Wiser Home Control

Once there were smart homes, now there are Wiser Homes

Part of Wiser

Wiser Home Control is a scalable solution which is flexible and easy to upgrade.This offer is available in Asia.

Wiser Home Control
  • Features

    Once there were smart homes, now there are Wiser Homes

    Smart homes are about technologies. Wiser Homes evolve around people. It adds a new dimension - being Stylish, Living Well and Eco-friendly.

    Wiser Home Control interlinks the electrical, multi-media and telecommunication worlds with a single and user-friendly solution – enabling you to monitor, control and access your home beyond physical boundaries at anytime, anywhere, on your smart phone, computer, door entry system, web tablet… with the same intuitive graphic interface.

    Wiser Homes go beyond looks and comfort, it is a whole new way of approaching environmental awareness and sustainability. Being eco-friendly is not just about saving, but optimization, living with wisdom and attitude. With Wiser, all you really need to do is to plan innovatively, and it will take care of the rest. It’s simpler than you think !

    Wiser Home Control is a scalable solution which is flexible and easy to upgrade. Whether it is an entry-level or a full-blown series of controls, there are different solutions to fit different needs.

    Control devices with consistent Graphic User Interface:
    TV, web tablet, smart phone, computer, etc.

    Input devices:
    Wall switches, occupancy sensors, thermostat, etc.

    System and output devices:
    Home controller,  EZinstall3 switches, EZinstall3 dimmers, Bus dimmers, Bus relays, occupancy sensors, security panel, etc.


    • Interlinks the electrical, multi-media and telecommunications worlds through TCP/IP or Wi-Fi, providing true and easy integration for devices from different brands and makes. 
    • The intuitive graphic user interface with jargon-free language and self-explanatory icons is easy-to-use, while the interface is consistent across different control devices and no need to spend extra time to learn different control interfaces.
    • Control and access home anywhere and at anytime through the secured wireless connection.
    • With time scheduling, scene control and the power monitoring functions, a more stylish and comfortable lifestyle at more energy efficient level can be achieved.
    • A simple, scalable home control solution to match different needs.  Wiser Home Control connects with the C-Bus system or ULTI EZinstall3 lighting control system to bring a whole new level of functionality and connectivity throughout the home via a single user-friendly solution.
    • Hassle-free installation with ULTI EZinstall3 switches, Wiser Home Control solution can now avoid compatibility issues with mechanical switches and directly install ULTI EZinstall3 switches in your home whenever you want to.


    • Residential applications
    • Retrofit renovation and newly built properties/single houses

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