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Remote Telemetry System

KERWIN is a Remote Management master station running in a Windows® environment that is used to monitor and control geographically distant technical facilities

  • Features

    KERWIN is a Remote Management master station running in a Windows® environment that is used to monitor and control geographically distant technical facilities.

    KERWIN is well-adapted for multi-site, multi-user, multi-application management and dedicated to telemetry architecture (non-permanent and optimized communication, alert management, online configuration change, easy to add new sites from time to time with no additional engineering).

    KERWIN is designed to be linked with Schneider Electric's local telemetry units iRIO, XLRIO, W310 (BRIO) via various media (telephone network, dedicated line, home bus, radio, Ethernet, Internet or GSM/GPRS network). It acts as a complete management and decision-making assistance tool.

    You can configure and operate KERWIN through its inbuilt Web server

    Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 18 months


    Stay permanently informed of the state of your remote sites
    View the operation of your equipment via animated mimic diagrams
    Level curves, consumption balances, logs
    Alarms and management of stand by duty shifts

    Simplified operation
    Directly operate your geographically dispersed locations from your Kerwin station

    Operational optimization of your sites
    Anticipate failures and your maintenance operations
    Limit travel to your remote locations
    Remote control of your equipment
    Compare the performance of your various locations

    Simplified configuration
    No programming, self-configuration from the local telemetry unit database
    Online configuration

    A multi-site, multi-user, multi-application supervision software
    Organize your sites in sectors (regarding geography, application type), consolidate or compare data coming from different sites.
    Each user or group of users has his own roles and rights and can customize their own web profile


    • Renewable energy: supervision of photovoltaic buildings and farms, wind farms, hydro power plants
    • Water and environment: water network, sewerage, atmospheric pollution etc
    • Energy efficiency: buildings, heating, air conditioning etc
    • Energy: gas and electricity
    • Industrial equipment and public lighting


    • Configurable graphs
    • Stay informed permanently of the state of your remote sites
    • Animated synoptics, consultation and remote control

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