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Altivar Process ATV6000

Variable Speed Drives for medium voltage applications

Part of Altivar

Altivar Process ATV6000 is a smart, connected drive system which helps optimize your business through process optimization, energy management improvements and asset management

Altivar Process ATV6000
  • Features

    The Altivar™ Process ATV6000 services-oriented drive completes the Altivar Process range with a solution to address your medium voltage operation and maintenance challenges:

    Services-oriented drives
    Improved operator efficiency with

    • Easy access by QR code for online and remote support
    • Comfortable usability with the connected 10” Harmony HMI screen, also supported by storage oscilloscope function
    • Real-time intelligence enabled by native ethernet and embedded webserver
    • Fast and easy on-site maintenance operation with
    • Well-proven LV IGBT design
    • Modular architecture
    • Easy front access design

    With Digital services, ATV6000 manages the integrity of your equipment, your finances (OpEx and CapEx), and the performance of your production by

    • Continous monitoring on critical asset health and level of stress
    • 360° diagnostics on risk assessment, with report and analysis
    • Risk mitigation plan with anticipated actions to take
    • Access to 24/7 Schneider Electric service assistance

    Energy Management to help you optimize and reduce your energy consumption thanks to:

    • Embedded power management with <5% measurement accuracy
    • Best Efficiency Point function for pumps
    • lifetime monitoring on energy usage and inbuilt energy dashboard
    • Phase shifted transformer for highly reduced THDI input on grid
    • Integrated transformer with galvanic insulation feature
    • Low dV/dt inverter providing power without high over-voltage at motor side

    Process Optimization

    • Cellby pass feature
    • N+1 and N+2 power cell design for redundancy
    • Best Efficiency Point function for pumps
    • Solid and easily deployed Tested and validated applicative architecture (TVDA)
    • Fully compatibility with Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Process Automation Systems (hybrid & DCS systems)
    • Super sensor capabilities for predictive maintenance planning
    • Dedicated applicative control (droop control, fan/pump function etc)

    Tailored Solution:

    • Application experts provide optimized engineering solution for operational efficiency and investment optimization.
    • Design process is simplified and system implementation time is shortened
    • High level of customization to fit to purpose


    ATV6000 medium voltage system delivers:

    • Tailored solutions to optimize your operation efficiency and investment
    • Optimized usage of energy and reduce consumption
    • Reduced downtime and improve uptime
    • Minimized Total Cost of Ownership & increase profitability
    • Improved productivity & availability


    ATV6000 is a medium voltage drive system to complete the Altivar Process range. This offer is tailored to meet the specific requirements of global industrial process and utilities markets, such as:


    Overland conveyor, Single/multi flat conveyor, Transfer conveyor, Belt conveyor, High Pressure Grinding Roller, SAG/Ball mill, Vertical roller Mill, Jaw crusher mill, Sintering/De-dusting/ID fan, Mill fan, Blast Furnace, Slurry pump, Rotary kiln


    Natural spring/well/pump, Electro submersible pump, Raw water intake pump, Lifting station, High pressure pump, Air blower/compressor, Booster pump, Multi-pump station, Distribution pump.


    Electric sumbersible pump, Crude oil transfer pump, injection pump, FPSO pumps/compressors, LNG compressor, Gas booster compressor, Load commute inverter retrofit (compressors), Petrochemical fan/pump, Extruder, Mixer, Blower

    Power plants

    Coal belt conveyor, Coal mill, Oil pump, Boiler feed-water pump, Cooling water circulation pump, Primary/Secondary draft fan/ ID fan, Cooling water fan, Condense water pump, Fule gas booster compressor, Boiler (HRSG)

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