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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.


strategic suppliers to provide decent work to their employees


in the level of confidence of our employees to report unethical conduct, compared to 2021


of employees trained every year on cybersecurity and ethics

Corporate trust at the heart of our company

Earning trust starts with being trustworthy

It’s the basis of what we do and believe in. Trust is the core of our environment, sustainability, and governance commitments. With strong governance principles and procedures to support our sustainable as well as inclusive goals and core values, we can deliver on our meaningful purpose, and create more value for all our stakeholders.
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Digital trust at the heart of our ecosystem

Value and resilience through risk mitigation

With our yearly vigilance plan, we evaluate and act against risks on our Schneider Electric and supplier sites, with contractors, and communities around us regarding human rights, environment, business conduct, offer safety and cybersecurity.
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Trust highlights

Joining forces with G7 Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG)

To advance human rights and share principles of trust throughout our value chain, and strengthen inclusion across our ecosystem.

One of the world’s most ethical companies

Recognized by Ethisphere® Institute for our commitment to integrity and high social, governance, and ethical, corporate trust standards.

Best-in-class vigilance plan

We are proud to be one of CAC40 companies who have made significant efforts with Duty of Vigilance.

3 principles of third-party security

How we ensure that we can all thrive in a digital ecosystem.

Reinventing safety

Discover five process safety and cybersecurity lifecycle strategies and other insights to adapt and increase safety in the oil and gas industry.

Going beyond with ISO 26000

By evaluating strategic supplier practices against this standard, and conducting on-site audits with high-risk suppliers.

Our trust commitments contribute to UN SDGs

In line with our purpose to bridge progress and sustainability, our sustainability initiatives support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

More on our trust commitment

Ethics and compliance

More about our ethics, compliance policies, and procedures.

Schneider Sustainability Impact

All commitments to sustainability from Schneider Electric.

Sustainability reports

Access Schneider Sustainability impact results and reports, all in one place.


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How can we create a sustainable and inclusive world by living up to our principles of trust?

Schneider Electric is committed to preserving natural ecosystems and resources on our planet by upholding our principles of trust through high social, governance, and ethical standards on the path to a more sustainable and inclusive world. As the world’s most sustainable and ethical corporation, Schneider Electric supports sustainability and ecosystem empowerment by upholding corporate trust standards and implementing principles and procedures that address environmental and social issues, creating value for our stakeholders. Explore our Trust Charter that rolls out our trust commitments for the environment, sustainability, and governance to deliver green impact and inclusion targets. Our principles of corporate trust help us build an attractive and sustainable company that upholds business integrity and applies a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, bribery, and unethical business practices. Explore our best-in-class vigilance plan that builds digital trust amongst communities offering safety and cybersecurity besides risk mitigation concerning human rights, environment, and business conduct. Check the Trust Line, our confidential alert system for our internal and external stakeholders that helps them report any incidents of misconduct or non-compliance for review to guarantee everyone’s health, safety, and security. Schneider Electric aims to have a strong corporate governance based on our principles of trust to advance human rights throughout our value chain and build and strengthen inclusion in our internal and external business ecosystems.