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Witness how our end-to-end software and solutions helped our EcoXpert partner, Elmiko, experience innovation and productivity with simplicity at every phase of projects.


The Greek panel builder has extended its business to MV switchboards thanks to the close partnership with Schneider Electric.

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1. Who is a panel builder?

A panel builder is a person responsible for constructing electrical control panels. The construction process might differ across industries depending on the type of industry a panel builder works for, but it typically includes designing and constructing panel layouts. During the designing process, it is important that all the components in the control panel are laid out logically and are favorable to ease of maintenance, part replacement, and diagnostic testing. After the completion of the design, finally, the panel is prepared, and all the electrical panel components are mounted in their ideal positions.

2. What is panel maker software?

Panel building can be an extensively laborious process. It requires dedication, time, and human effort. However, the introduction of panel builder software can effectively speed up the designing of future panels with the help of intelligent digital solutions. It ensures that wiring layouts are carried out seamlessly, offering simpler ways to import data and easier detection of damaged panels. Additionally, panel builder software reduces user training time and lowers development and design expenses, making it a smart investment to speed up the panel building process.

3. What are the benefits of Schneider Electric’s program for panel builders?

Schneider Electric offers mySchneider Panel Builders Program for panel builders. It comprises attractive and tailored benefits, such as exclusive resources, tools, 24/7 access to all the information you would need, personalized support for improving a specific business’s efficiency with an expansive product portfolio and services. Our product portfolio for panel builders includes smart electrical panels, control panels, and medium voltage switchgear. Partner with Schneider Electric to leverage the benefits of the right level of technical and business support for building state-of-the-art equipment.