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    Infomart Data Centers is using a rack-ready HyperPod solution to address the challenge of developing a faster, more efficient deployment strategy that supports a variety of customers and their unique requirements.

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  • HyperPod – fast IT deployment within data centers

    HyperPod offers the speed and flexibility needed to support today’s fast paced and ever changing data center environments. With support for any rack, its easy configuration and integrated power & cooling make it ideal for pod scale IT deployments.

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Potrzebujesz możliwości wstępnego montażu infrastruktury fizycznej niezależnie od szaf, ekologicznego, ekonomicznego sposobu, by szybko wdrażać zasoby IT na dużą skalę, oraz elastyczności, która pozwala na obsługę szaf o różnych rozmiarach i kształtach.
  • Solution

    • HyperPod is a rack-ready system designed to deploy IT at scale in increments of 8 to 12 racks.
    • It is a freestanding support structure designed to provide air containment to various types of racks while adapting to a variety of cooling and power configurations.
  • Value Proposition

    • Flexible: Implement efficient data centers, while maintaining flexibility and easily rolling racks in and out.
    • Fast: Quickly install containment & infrastructure before IT is delivered.
    • Simple: Avoid costly, time consuming, and invasive construction.

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