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What are the part numbers for the spring retainer clips for the PM200, 700, and 800 meters and contents of hardware kit?

A customer would like to order replacement spring retainer clips for the PowerLogic PM200, 700 or 800 series power meters. 

Product Line
PowerLogic PM200, PM700 and PM800 series Power Meters

PowerLogic PM200, PM700 and PM800 series Power Meters

As a result of the similar dimensions and shape of the PM200, 700 and 800 series power meters, the mounting retainer spring clips can be used interchangeably. Each meter will require 2 retainer clips.

The retainer clips are sold as part of the PM800 hardware kit with the following part number: 63230-500-16.

Internal Part Numbers:

63230-503-11 Retainer Kit (Qty. 2)

63230-503-18 Retainer Kit w/2W terminator (Qty. 2 clips and 1 Terminator)

The PM800 series hardware kit contains all the following parts. The part numbers listed below are internal and as a result they cannot be ordered seperately.

1- Meter template for the cutout = Internal part # 63230-500-09 
1- KYCS Output/Input connector = Internal part # 63230-500-29 
1- RS-485 2-wire connector = Internal part # 63230-500-30 
1- Control Power Connector = Internal part # 63230-500-31 
2- Retainer spring clips for mounting = Internal part # 63230-500-38 
9- Blue Spade lug connectors 
1- 2-Wire RS-485 Terminator = MCT2W 
1- Voltage input connector = 63230-500-28