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How to setup a reverse command on ATV61/71 using I/O profile mode.

Published date: 28 October 2019

Command to run reverse via Communication

Product Line:

All models using with communication card in I/O profile


In I/O profile parameter rrS [Run Reverse] can be assigned to any bit between 1 and 15 according to the following protocol:
With integrated Modbus in [I/O profile]   [C101] to [C115]:
With integrated CANopen in [I/O profile] [C201] to [C215]: 
With a communication card in [I/O profile] [C301] to [C315]: 
With a Controller Inside card in [I/O profile] [C401] to [C415]: 

Example:  If you want to run reverse over the Ethernet IP network you will need to go to menu 1.5 [INPUTS / OUTPUTS CFG] and assign "rrS" to C302. 

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