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Video: Why are my configuration settings missing after a power cycle on a HMIG5U/HMIG5U2?

Published date: 10 December 2019

Configuration settings missing after a power cycle on a HMIG5U/HMIG5U2

Product Line:
HMIG5U, HMIG5U2, Smart iPC, iPC with CFAST or Flash Card as disk drive.

When the EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) is enabled for the system drive (C:\ ) on a HMIG5U/HMIG5U2 or any iPC with a Compact Flash card or CFast card as the system drive, any sort of file change or configuration setting made to C:\ will be lost after a power cycle. The only way to retain these changes after a power cylce is to commit them to the disk drive first using the EWF configuration tool. Alternatively, you can disable the EWF before making any changes.

To disable the EWF, please follow this procedure below:

1) In the task tray, look for the icon of a drive and a lock.
2) Click on this icon to open the EWF Configuration Tool.
3) Select the drive letter and press the "Configure" button.
4) Select the drive letter again and notice "Pending command" is enabled.
5) Select in the drop down menu "Commit and disable live"
6) Press the "Apply" button and then press the "OK" button.
7) Notice that the EWF is now disabled.

Once the EWF is disabled, you can make all your changes to C:\ and they will be retained after a power cycle. Once you are done making changes to the C:\, remember to re-enable the EWF to continue with the system drive protection.

To re-enable the EWF, it is the same process as shown above with the exception that you will now choose to enable the EWF.


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