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Can I test a high horsepower ATV900 series drive on an undersized motor?

Published date: 23 October 2019

Need to bench test an ATV900 series drive but only have an undersized motor available.  What parameters in the drive need to be changed in order to run the drive on an undersized motor?

Product line:
ATV600 / ATV900 series process drives.

All models, All serial numbers.

Information not available in current literature.


Note that this is for testing purposes only and can not be used as a permanent configuration.  

Select control law to  CTT = UF5pt  
It is not necessary to enter the 5 points.

Enter name plate in cos  MPC = cos 
Adjust FRS parameter to match the motor rated frequency in Hz.
Adjust UNS parameter to match the voltage rating of the motor, not the voltage of the incoming 3 phase power.
Reduce current limitation : CLI = FLA of motor, or as close to it as you can adjust it.
Reduce IR compensation  : UFR=0
Slip compensation to SLP= 0 
Reduce the inertia factor  : SPGU = 0 
Disable the boost BOA = Inactive 

This should allow you to run the drive on an undersized motor for testing purposes, such as verifying you control scheme. Do Not use this configuration as a permanent configuration as motor damage could occur.

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