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Why won't my ATV630 run when I press the run button on the keypad?

My ATV630 will not run when I press the run button on the keypad.

Product Line:
Altivar 630


Drive in ready state doesn't run when the run button is pressed, no faults

Be sure the drive is in HMI control. Check the top right corner of the keypad display. If you see "Term", the drive is in terminal control. Press the LOCAL/REMOTE button once, and you should see "HMI" in the top right corner of the display. The drive should now run when the RUN button is pressed. 

If pressing the button does not toggle the control type between "Term" and "HMI":
The LOCAL/REMOTE button is disabled by factory default. The button will need to be enabled.
To enable the button: Go to Complete Settings -> Command and Reference  -> HMI cmd. and change it from 'Disabled' to 'Bumpless'.

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