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How can I add a Profibus GSD file to Unity Pro library of Generic DTMs?

How can I add a Profibus GSD file to Unity Pro library of Generic DTMs?

Product Line
EcoStruxure Control Expert, M580, M340, Quantum

BMEP581020 v2.70, TCSEGPA23F14F, Unity Pro v13.0.

The TCSEGPA23F14F (PRM) is a standalone module designed to provide Profibus DPV0 & DPV1 master capability to the M340, M580, Premium and Quantum ranges. Profibus slave configuration is based on GSD that is a data base file with the device information and I/O configuration that is provided by the vendor's.
The PRM Master DTM and the PRM Gateway DTM includes an interface for converting any GSD file into a generic DTM in order to be integrated into the DTM catalog and used to configure a Profibus slave for the PRM.
  1. In the Unity Pro menu bar, select Tools -> DTM Browser
  2. In the DTM Browser, select the PRM_Master instance or PRM_Gateway instance as applicable
  3. Right click (DTM contextual menu) and select Device menu -> Add GSD in Library. The welcome page of the wizard opens.
  4. Click Next, select the location of the GSD File of the Profibus slave that you want to add and go forward until a page with finish option opens. (E.g., the GSD provided by Pepperl+Fuchs for the PROFIBUS Gateway DP/PA HD2-GTR-4PA)
  5. Unity Pro hardware catalog has to be updated in order to use new devices with your Unity Pro project.
How to update the DTM catalog of the FDT frame (Unity Pro hardware catalog).
  1. Select in the Unity Pro menu bar, Tool->Hardware Catalog
  2. Select DTM Catalog tab in the Hardware catalog windows
  3. Click the Update button for starting the update
​Now, EcoStruxure Control Expert/ Unity Pro has the device on its hardware catalog and it can be used with others Control Expert projects.

P.S.: You can download here the PROFIBUS Remote Master iso file that includes the PRM Master DTM and PRM Gateway DTM.

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