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Can we see how much CPU load is there on M241/M251/M262?

Published date: 25 October 2019

Is there a way to see how much CPU processor load there is on Modicon M241/M251/M262 by way of a function returning a value?
How do you program this in a POU in EcoStruxure Machine Expert / SoMachine?

Product Line
EcoStruxure Machine Expert, Modicon M241, M251, M262 PLCs

Programming Technique in EcoStruxure Machine Expert

Yes, there is a way to return the CPU processor load using a Library called CmpSchedule.

In the Libraries->Add Library dialog, you will find it under Company->System under System->SysLibs:

The function in the library that returns processor load is SchedGetProcessorLoad:

An example of the program is as follows in Structured Text:

    pResult1       : RTS_IEC_RESULT;    //required pointer to the internal data location type (variable name is arbitrary)
    processorLoad  : UDINT;             //CPU load percentage

processorLoad := SchedGetProcessorLoad(pResult:=ADR(pResult1));

  • The value returned in "processorLoad" in his example is  is a percentage (in UDINT format).
  • It is recommended that processorLoad should remain lower than 70% (the lower the better). If this is not the case, then increase cycle times.

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