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EcoStruxure Control expert v14 - Deactivating DEP cause Integrity check message

Published date: 12 October 2020

Here is a short explanation of DEP:
"The primary benefit of DEP is to help prevent code execution from data pages. Typically, code is not executed from the default heap and the stack. Hardware-enforced DEP detects
code that is running from these locations and raises an exception when execution occurs. Software-enforced DEP can help prevent malicious code from taking advantage of exceptionhandling
mechanisms in Windows"

For more information see
Some “old generation” DTMs generated years ago, are not compatible with DEP.  When Unity Pro loads it, Windows detects a risk in regards to DEP and throws an error.

Further details in the FAQ

For Control Expert v14 there is a dedicated hotfix to avoid this warning massage. 

User should install ControlExpert_V140_HF0450243R DEP deactivation available on

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