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Where do I check the License status of EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert?

Published date: 16 November 2019

How do I check what type of license and the registration status of my license for EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert?

Product Line
EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert

Configuration software and HMI software on Windows

To check the status of the EcoStruxure Operator Terminal License, launch the Schneider Electric License Manager.
If you press the Start button in Windows and type "License Manager", it should appear as a green icon with a set of keys.

Or you can launch it from the shortcut folder:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Schneider Electric License Manager\
Or you can launch it directly from the application folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\License Manager\LicenseManager.exe 

A registered copy will appear as one of the names:
Operator Terminal Expert Professional,
Operator Terminal Expert Basic, or
Operator Terminal Expert Runtime

For a purchased and registered copy, an Activation ID should also appear in the format: A-BCDE-FGHI-JKLM

A Trial copy will appear with the name:
Operator Terminal Expert trial

You can also check the status of the License from the Schneider Electric Licensing Portal
Click on the "Search my license" link to search for your Activation ID
Or Login with the email and password you signed up with.

If you have a Trial version, to be able to register your EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert, you must purchase a license to acquire an Activation ID.
There are part numbers for each component – Buildtime and Runtime.
1) Buildtime:
There’s a “Professional” version and a “Basic” version. The Basic version only supports small panels (HMISTO series).
HMIPELCZLSPAZZ – Buildtime  Professional Emailed License
HMIPECLZLSPMZZ – Buildtime Professional Printed License
2) Runtime:
HMIRTWCZLSPAZZ – Runtime Emailed License
HMIRTWCZLSPMZZ – Runtime Printed License
All the part numbers (group licenses and more) can be found here:

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