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How long will it take to fill up Com'X on-board memory?


The customer is asking how long will it take to fill up the Com'X on-board memory?

Product Line

Com'X 210, 520

Often time customers use Com'X without Energy Operation or Facility Expert subscription or publishing to a network drive and uses Historical Trend feature from Com'X web page where Com'X draws datapoints from it's on-board memory. With regular on-board logging on for the connected devices, customers wonder by when Com'X's on-board memory will be full.

Com'X can store data for 2 years given the following parameters: 32 devices logging 100 topics at every 10 minutes.  If the customer is logging more often than that, it is not possible to guarantee that Com'X will retain 2 years worth of data in it's on-board memory.  HOWEVER, the Com'X is designed to periodically export data.  We recommend that the Com'X is configured to take advantage of this feature.  It's best that the Com'X export data to a device with a larger data storage capacity.

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