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Why my PowerTag Sensors cannot communicate with SmartLink SIB / SID ?

Published date: 03 January 2020

If you have checked the basic commissioning steps (Smartlink powered on, pairing, communication periods, channel attribution) you can refer below.

This issue can occur for SmartLink SI D / SI B with old firmware revision when they are used in environment with high density wireless traffic (intensive RF environment). In this case, you need to replace your SmartLink SIB / SI D by a PowerTagLink A9XMWD20 or A9XMWD100.

Switch OFF / ON the wireless devices to commute the wireless device in "waiting for pairing" status and launch the wireless discovery on the gateway to pair them.
If you have not the possibility to switch OFF / ON you wireless devices (case of powertag associated to critical load) please contact your Schneider Electric technical support.

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